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Bader Hassoun’s family and the history of soap making in its various forms from aromatic and therapeutic soaps to essential oils, creams, and skin care products, all made naturally. Bader Hassoun’s Family and Khan Al Saboun team proudly maintain its heritage and expertise in this field for more than 600 years, as this family’s success began in 1480 and was maintained and inherited from generation to generation.

The journey continued and evolved with Dr. Bader Hassoun and his family by reviving the old khan in 1990 where this industry started its march towards fame. The secret behind this success is the recipes that Dr. Bader Hassoun inherited from his ancestors, developed, and transited to his children with high professionalism and tastes that impressed local, Arab, and foreign customers.

Precision is highly needed in this industry, as rare aromas are stronger than time… it stays in mind and sometimes revives old memories.

For the importance of the feelings and sensations given by the aromas, Dr. Bader Hassoun toured the world to find the perfect and most beneficial ingredients from flowers and medicinal herbs and to make the best products.

The history keeps on being manifested today at Khan al Saboun that includes thousands of products spread all around the world.


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